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If you’re not Canadian you may have been cruelly deprived of The Big Snit. Rectify that situation, friend. Rectify it now!


I would argue that movies and tv are the most potent way we share our respective cultures. If you truly want to know a foreign culture you need to watch it’s entertainment. It’s there that you’ll find different perspectives, concerns, shades of humour and philosophies best communicated. You’ll also see the overwhelming similarities we share despite all those cultural quirks, which is the other side to the coin. We’re so much the same, and so delightfully different.

As for us Canadians, we hear a lot that we have no distinct culture. We’re allegedly either too multicultural to have one (mosaic!), or with the culture-exporting US nextdoor it’s just too hard to see and hear us. Nuts to that- watch our films (shorts and features, English and French, old and new). Watch some SCTV, some Kids in the HallCorner Gas or, my guilty pleasure, Murdoch Mysteries (late 19C Toronto, a detective solving crazy mysteries with steampunk-y forensics! So geeky, so fun, so popular in the UK, apparently). Watch the Oscar-nominated The Big Snit! Basically we’re sincere weirdos.

It’s been a helluva week. Happy Sunday to those it’s all back to normal for, and happy distraction to those still in the middle of chaos.