The Best Subversion


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Ever come across one of these?

Doodle Pad

The creative opportunities seem limited to big breasts or bigger breasts?, and some pretty juvenile objectification. And I say that as a woman who loves pinups as a particularly awesome slice of retro. What really sets the doodle pads apart from the awesome though is the objectification (obviously), plus the creepy interactive bit. This is the notepad you’d find on a totally skeevy boss’ desk, where he left it hoping someone would comment so he could share his flushed glee/leer suggestively. The pads themselves may be kitsch; the intended clientele is definitely gross.

Then in steps artist David Jablow to spin some of the best possible subversion! An item intended for objectification? Jablow did a 180 and doodled some agency for these women, and the results are badass.

So much gold in this series. Check out more of Jablow’s work here! Or check out the tumblr, which includes more classic pinup interpretations, too. Another favourite of mine:

David Jablow Doodle Pad


Even Jablow’s more traditional pinup versions keep the thread of agency going, with women who are 100% in control of their sexuality. Sexual is great; sexual objectification is not. Easy peasy pie. For example this:

David Jablow Doodle Pad

or this:

David Jablow Doodle Pad


or even this:

David Jablow Doodle Pad


She’s a sexual person, not a sexy prop. Any questions? Then I refer you to Sociological Images‘ fantastic four-part series on what sexual objectification is, how it’s harmful, and ways to combat it (particularly for women, who live practically submerged in it).

In the meantime though, check out the rest of Jablow’s work. I said it before and I’ll say it again: BAD. ASS.



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